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Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership

This resource is designed to be a key contributor to the identification of Transformational Leaders. Transformational Leaders are few in number, yet they can exercise enormous influence for change. This is because they: - Boldly challenge the status quo - Use a compelling vision to attract substantial, willing followers - Motivate people to want to make a contribution to the greater good - Instil pride into their followers - Bring meaning into people’s lives - Use creative and innovative thinking to overcome obstacles - Are optimistic about what they and their followers can achieve - Are powerful role-models - Influence others in a way which truly connects with them Use this powerful Questionnaire and Interpretive Notes to increase the sphere of influence of Transformational Leaders in your organisation.


If you are looking for a resource to identify and appoint Transformational Leaders within your organisation then this is it. It consists of a Questionnaire for completion by an individual and others who know him/her well, together with Interpretive Notes to score and plot the individual’s Transformational Leadership Capabilities under ten headings: - Challenge - Vision - Motivation - Pride - Meaning - Creativity - Optimism - Support - Role Model - Influence Included in the document are ideas on how the individual can grow and develop their capabilities in Transformational Leadership. If you want to introduce the concept of Transformational Leadership into your organisation this resource will really help you to “kick start” the process.

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