The Insight Selling Process


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What is insight selling? What skills are needed for insight selling? How can I use insight selling?

 For those who have heard of insight selling these are good questions. For those who have not they are equally good questions. So what is insight selling? There comes a time that having worked with a customer over a considerable period of time a supplier is in a position to view the customer’s business with considerable knowledge of that customer. This enables the supplier to use that knowledge to work up new ideas to take to the customer which the customer can use in conjunction with the supplier to improve their business performance in a specific way.

Insight selling involves being able to:

  • Analyse the Customer’s Market-Place
  • Spotting New Opportunities for the Customer
  • Checking these out with the Customer
  • Verifying these New Opportunities with the Customer
  • Selling a Detailed Fact Find
  • Carrying out the Fact Find
  • Creating a Value Added solution
  • Selling that Solution to the Customer.

This resource is designed for Account Managers to be able tyo do all of this effectively. You will be able to use explanatory notes, models and processes to fully understand and use each step. To further your development in this area of skill you will also be able to use a simple but highly effective Personal Development Plan.


  • Increasing sales with key account customers.
  • Adding value as a supplier.
  • Shutting out the competition.
  • Increasing account profitability using customised solutions.
  • Enhancing your reputation as a supplier in your market sector.