Team Leadership Skills

Team Leadership Skills (Model, Diagnostic Questionnaire and Interpretive Notes)


Team Leadership Skills Downloadable Training Resources for Hr Managers, Trainers and Training Managers

The role of the Team Leader/Supervisor is becoming increasingly more important as organisations transfer more and more responsibility and accountability to them. They need to be able to: Run the daily operation of their team smoothly. Increase the team’s efficiency and effectiveness. Performance manage, grow and develop individual team members. Communicate effectively upwards with their Superior. Find out how to be a more effective Team Leader/Supervisor using a Team Leadership Model and Questionnaire. As a result you will be able to rapidly improve your performance.


This document provides you with a Diagnostic Questionnaire for use on yourself and, if desired, to gain feedback from staff on your Team Leader Skills. It also includes an explanation of the ‘WITS’ model which you can use to rapidly improve your Team Leadership Skills.

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