Successfully Managing Change

Successfully Managing Change (questionnaire and explanatory notes)


Successfully Managing Change (questionnaire and explanatory notes) Training Resources

This document consists of a Change Management Profile Questionnaire which is designed to provide you with feedback on how you see yourself when it comes to four aspects of managing change successfully, namely

- Use of a Change Management Process

- Level of Change Management skills

- Application of Change Management knowledge

- Your underlying beliefs about change

The scoring system and interpretive notes will give signposts to best practice and help you be better prepared to manage change.


This resource includes:

- Instructions on how to complete the questionnaire

- Section 1 questions: The change management process

- Section 2 questions: Change management skills

- Section 3 questions: Application of change management knowledge

- Section 4 questions: Beliefs about change - Scoring your profile - Your change management profile graph - Interpretive notes - Action plan

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Ideal resource for Trainers, Training Managers and Hr Managers

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