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Stress Management

Course Overview Crammed full of practical processes, exercises and techniques the course provides delegates with a comprehensive ‘tool kit’ of stress management know how that they can use in a way that best suits themselves to improve their personal productivity and increase their overall motivation and sense of well-being. Stress can be both a positive and negative ingredient in a person’s life. Positive stress causes us to rise to challenges, to feel the rush of adrenalin in a demanding situation and to call out the best from ourselves. Negative stress can however drag us down, exhaust us, send us into depression and even worse be the cause of chronic or even fatal physical illness. Stress Management is an issue of increasing concern to everybody no matter who we are and what we do. Understanding the causes of stress, getting control of it and doing the right things to use stress positively are the first steps in effective Stress Management. This course provides invaluable insights into our personal reactions to stress, the reasons for our reactions and the options available to us to live a less stressful life. This is a highly pragmatic and interactive course which enables delegates to make lasting changes to both their work life and personal life to create an overall healthier life style. The course includes a comprehensive trainer’s guide, a full set of delegates’ handouts, pre-course work, exercises and PowerPoint slides. Optional, additional material Why not also use our course material on Time Management to go deeper into the time management techniques alluded to in this course. Consider also our complementary materials on the following: - Flow State Questionnaire - Job Satisfaction Needs Questionnaire Session length: Minimum 290 minutes excluding lunch and coffee/tea breaks


Trainer’s Guide - A comprehensive guide on how to run the session Session content, including: - Accompanying PowerPoint Slides - Comprehensive Delegate Workbook covering: Introduction and objectives Delegates’ objectives Stress - separating the fact from the fiction How prone are you to pressure? What creates pressure for you? Stress and your personality How different personalities show stress Identifying the physical, behavioural and emotional signs of stress in yourself Identifying stress in others Strategies for managing stress in yourself Relating the strategies to yourself - exercises for personal improvement Constructing a personal stress management plan Review of delegates’ objectives Action planning Summary and Close Pre-Course Work Workbook Delegates are recommended to complete Stress Diary prior to attending the course. Instructions, guidance and templates are provided to help the delegate prepare for the course.