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Stages of Team Development

Course Overview This short (2½ hours) session is a must for showing team leaders what to expect as they seek to build high performing teams. Understanding the different stages of development a team experiences as it moves from a loose collection of individuals to a high performing group is key to the success of a team leader. Knowing what to expect and how to respond at each stage of the team’s development, can help the team leader smooth the transition from one stage to another and even accelerate the team development process to achieve improved team results in a shorter space of time. This course provides the necessary knowledge, insights and skills to help any team leader build effective teamworking using a four stage team development process. A proven methodology, Tuckman’s four stage development process, is used to bring to life key team development issues and to equip leaders to manage them effectively. This is a highly interactive session including syndicate work and self-reflection to draw out key points to incorporate into an Action Plan for each delegate. The course contents include a comprehensive trainer’s guide, a full set of delegate handouts and accompanying PowerPoint slides. Optional additional material Why not also use in this course a selection of other teambuilding tools and techniques including: - A Process For Building And Managing Teams - How To Build Effective Relationships Between Team Members - Identifying The Best Roles For People In Teams Course length: Minimum of 155 minutes excluding 15 minute break.


Trainer’s Guide - A comprehensive guide on how to run the course Session content, including: - Accompanying PowerPoint Slides - Delegate workbook, including: Outline notes and diagram on the Four Stages of Team Development (Tuckman) Levels of Independence Ways to Monitor The Team Development Process including observations tables templates to be used at meetings and one to one discussions Assessing The Variables For Team Development: building trust, credibility and intimacy and how they relate to one another Personal Profile Exercise: instructions on carrying out the exercise, guidance on facilitating feedback Action Planning: set of questions to help delegates set their objectives and improve their skills