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Selling to Different Customer Types

Selling to Different Customer Types (Questionnaire and Interpretive Notes)

This document consists of a Customer Buying Style Questionnaire which provides eight factors to consider in determining the buying style of the customer. and therefore the customer type. 5 types of customer behaviour are examined: - The shop around customer - The cherry picker customer - The seeks partnership customer - The preferred supplier customer - The integrated supplier customer An explanation of each buying style is provided along with methodology for selling to each customer tye.


Increasingly these days organisations are segmenting their customer base according to the buying styles used by different customers. They do this in order to sell to customers using an approach and style which they find attractive and which works for them. The challenge for the sales person or account manager is to be able to adapt their selling style and skills to each customer type. This resource shows sales people and account managers how to accurately identify the different types of customers they sell to and how best to sell to them.

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