Selling New Ideas and Insights To Customers

Selling New Ideas and Insights To Customers (Article)

This article introduces the concept of Insight Selling. It details the process involved and expalins why it is a more demanding and yet ultimately more rewarding approach to selling. It covers: - Customer segmentation - Objective of insight selling - Insight selling skills - Selling new iedas to customers - Communicating successes - Link to account management


Insight selling might be a new expression for many in selling, however it is a powerful approach which can be used very successfully with customers who truly want to work in partnership with their suppliers. They expect their suppliers to bring them fresh insights and new ideas to help them be more successful. This requires that the sales person is able to understand the customer’s business and can work up embryonic ideas to take to the customer, and to work in conjunction with the customer to craft the ideas into workable solutions. This requires a high level of knowledge and a sophisticated skill set from the sales person. This resource covers both.