Satisfying People's Unique Motivators

Satisfying People’s Unique Motivators (‘Flow’ State Questionnaire and Development Plan)

People give their best performance when they are in a state of ‘Flow’, sometimes referred to as being ‘in the zone’. Not only do they give their best performances they also experience a high degree of personal motivation. It is important therefore that as leaders and managers we identify they key ingredients to our people being in ‘flow’ and seek to replicate these ingredients in their jobs as frequently as possible. That way they give of their best, willingly. Their job is not a chore but a real pleasure. This document enables you as a leader/manager to identify when your people are in ‘flow’. You can then both explore ways of replicating this flow state in their jobs to increase their performance and improve their job satisfaction. The document consists of an interview process to enable you to do this.


Identifying People’s Motivators (Flow State Questionnaire) is designed to help the leader/manager identify what contributes to their people willingly giving of their best in their jobs. Using a simple interview process the leader/manager will be able to identify the key motivators of people and to work with them to satisfy them in their job.

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