Running Appraisal Meetings

Running Performance Appraisal Meetings (Guidelines and Checklists)

Performance Appraisal Meetings do not always achieve a worthwhile outcome. Reasons include: -Lack of commitment from appraiser and/or appraisee -Lack of preparation by the appraiser and/or appraisee -Lack of structure to the meeting -Poor use of appraisal skills -Lack of tangible outcomes There are of course many other reasons why Performance Appraisals end up having a demotivating rather than motivating effect on employees. All these pitfalls can be avoided with the use of a sound preparation and planning process and the use of key interpersonal skills during the meeting itself. If you are looking for a complete guide to getting right the basics of Performance Appraisal then this booklet is most definitely for you.


This twenty three page document provides detailed guidelines and checklists on running appraisal meetings. It includes: -A Performance Appraisal Guide -How to prepare for Performance Appraisals -How to run the Performance Appraisal Meeting -Holding Development Discussions -Using different Employee Development Methods -Tips on how to use interpersonal skills of questioning, listening, silence etc. For newly appointed appraisers, of for those wishing to review key elements of conducting effective appraisals, this document provides an invaluable on-the-job aid.

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