Running Meetings

Running Meetings (Tools, Techniques and Guidelines)

Generally speaking meetings are not well run. Lack of preparation, lack of structure and lack of skill often result in meetings being time wasting and demotivating for all concerned. However this need not be the case. Using a few simple tools and techniques meetings can be highly productive contributors to the success of organisations of all shapes and sizes. The skills used by ‘chairs’ of meetings and meeting members are equally important and these are covered in detail also. Use this comprehensive guide to introduce best practices into all your meetings.


This thirty five page document is designed to provide a comprehensive set of tools, techniques and guidelines for running successful meetings. It includes: -Information Sharing Meetings -Problem Solving Meetings -Ad Hoc Meetings -Conference Calls -Charing Meetings -Facilitation Skills -Making Meetings Work -Supporting Documents -Taking Minutes -Managing Conflict in Meetings If you are looking for all the key ingredients to running successful meetings then you will find them all in this one document.

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