Remote Team Leadership Skills

Remote Team Leadership Skills (Questionnaire and Interpretive Notes)


Remote Team Leadership presents many challenges for the Team Leader, the geographical spread of team members being just one of them. Conventional approaches to team communication, motivation and management need to be replaced with different skills sets and processes in order to achieve results from team members and the team as a whole.

Remote team leadership requires more holistic thinking, an interdependent way of operating, buy-in to the organisation’s core values, understanding of the local environment in which team-members work, appropriate use of different communication media and technologies, collaborative working across internal and external boundaries, as well as clear working practices, roles and responsibilities. It is not easy. However, there is an increasing need for Remote Team Leadership.

This booklet provides an in valuable aid to those trying to rise to the challenge.


This Questionnaire and Interpretive Notes is aimed at Remote Team Leaders who wish to understand the key contributors to their success, assess themselves against eight success criteria and use a Remote Team Leadership model to plan improvements to their performance.

Also included in the document is a questionnaire to obtain the feedback of Manager, Peers, and Direct-Reports enabling the individual to undertake a complete 360° analysis of their competencies.

The questionnaire consists of 40 questions covering:

  1. Mindset and Attitude
  2. Culture and Values
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Structure Fit
  5. Working Style
  6. Roles and Responsibilities
  7. Local Environment
  8. Process and Projects

Suggestions for using Personal Development methods are also included in this twenty eight page document.

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