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Recruitment Skills Package

Recruitment Skills Pack

The Recruitment Skills Package covers everything you need to know to attract and recruit the right people to fill job vacancies. The document includes processes, guidelines, templates, forms and insights to cover each of the 15 stages of effective recruitment: 1. Identify Job Vacancy 2. Create or update Job Description 3. Create or update Person Specification 4. Define Performance Measures for the job 5. Obtain Budget Sign-Off 6. Create Job Advertisement 7. Advertise the job 8. Review Applications and CVs 9. Shortlist Candidates for interview 10 Prepare for Interviews 11. Carry out Interviews 12. Create further shortlist 13. Select the Candidate 14. Make Job Offer 15. Agree start date and arrange Induction Process


This document covers the A to Z of effective Recruitment. • Use the templates to draw up Job Descriptions, Person Specifications and Performance Measures • Shortlist the right candidates • Structure interviews effectively • Improve your selection interviewing skills • Make informed decisions • Use an effective Induction Process This document is a must for all HR professionals and line managers involved in the Recruitment Process.

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