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Presentation Skills

Course Overview This is an action-packed two day course designed to give delegates the competence and confidence to immediately deliver successful presentations no matter what their job. Full of practical insights, processes and skills delegates learn by doing with a requirement to deliver no less than four substantial presentations in two days, and the opportunity to participate in plenty of practical exercises in addition. This truly is a comprehensive presentation skills course in every sense of the word. Whether delegates are required to give persuasive (sales) presentations or information giving presentations, and whether to a sophisticated or less sophisticated audience, then this course provides everything they need. It quite literally covers all the essentials of good presenting. The course content includes a comprehensive trainer’s guide, full set of delegate handouts, exercises, speaking assignments, and accompanying PowerPoint slides. Optional, additional material Why not also use a selection of other Presentation Skills tools and techniques including: - Building Rapport with others. - Communicating Effectively face to Face. - Listening Effectively. - Identifying Your Own Influencing Style. Find these in the Complementary Materials Section for this course. Course length: Minimum 745 minutes excluding breaks.


Trainer’s Guide - A comprehensive guide on how to run the course Session content, including: - Accompanying PowerPoint Slides - Delegate workbook - Handouts (for delegates) - Breathing Exercises Cards - How and What Side of Speaking Critique Cards - Voice and Body Language Critique Cards - Presentation Checklists Cards - Examples of Presentation Content Cards - Learning Logs - Course Evaluation Form Day One · Delegates’ first talks · How to put your message across · The “How” side of presenting · Critique of delegates’ first talks on how they put their message across · Delegates’ record talks · Critique of delegates’ second talks · The structure and content of presentations · Constructing persuasive presentations to clients · Use of visuals Day Two · Planning for questions and objections · Making team presentations · Delegates’ third presentations · Critique of third presentations · Handling audience reactions · Handling questions/objections · The importance of handling group and individual behaviours · Handling different personality types · Handling audience reactions exercises

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