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Planning your Negotiation Strategy

Planning your Negotiation Strategy

The primary focus of this resource is on identifying your own and the other party’s Negotiation Objectives. This resource outlines the principles of negotiation and then goes on to provide tips on: - Creating win/win outcomes - Understanding types of negotiations - Identifying negotiation objectives - Bargaining Arenas This resource also provides tips for maximum influence in negotiation. The specific areas covered include: - Deadlines - Deadlock, and how to break it - Power of legitimacy - Power of committment - Power of knowledge - Power of risk-taking - Power of time and effort - Limits to the power of the seller - Limits to the power of the buyer - Authority and limits Also included in this resource are guides and models of the skills required in undertsanding negotiating parties.


This document provides a comprehensive explanation of what is involved in successful negotiations and how to plan a negotiating strategy. It contains a detailed look at the processes and skills involved in conducting effective negotiations and provides checklists which can be used as an aide memoire when actually conducting negotiations. It covers all types of negotiations and is therefore highly suitable for those in sales, purchasing, management, account management and commercial roles in which negotiation plays a significant part of their work.

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