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Personal Growth and Development Plan

Personal Growth and Development Plan

This document shows you how to quickly and easily create a powerful two page Personal Development Plan for all employees, at all levels. It shows how to establish the employee’s current situation in their job, their preferred future situation, and the gap between the two that needs to be bridged. In considering how best to bridge the gap we look at the four key areas which contribute to identifying the individual’s development activities. These are: - The Organisation’s Competency Framework - The Organisation’s Current Culture and Values - The Organisation’s Current Corporate Focus - The Individual’s Personal Development Planning Document We show how to identify key personal development needs, how to cluster these into three major areas of focus, and how to translate these into Key Personal Development Activities for the next 12 months. A very powerful and cutting edge Personal Development Planning instrument which is easy to complete and very easy to use.


If you are looking for a concise but very powerful approach to creating a Personal Development Plan then look no further. Drawing on four sources of existing records, managers and their employees can quickly and effectively construct a two page personal development plan for 12 months ahead. A very precise, step by step methodology is supplied, together with templates and explanatory notes to make this area of activity a welcome change and not a chore.

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