Partner With Employees

Partner Up With Employees


About The Book

The two usual biggest challenges most organisations face these days is meeting the demands of their customers and beating their competition.

No longer can an organisation treat employees as just another resource it needs to fully engage with employees at all levels to bring their best performance willingly to the organisation. This means creating a partnership way of working between managers and employees.

The manager cannot guess an employee’s satisfaction and an employee cannot guess his/her managers needs. There needs to be a partnership way of working involving honest (if brutal) feedback, confronting and resolving problems and growing the relationship into an inseparable, long term and mutually profitable partnership.

This ebook enables a manager to use a ‘Partnership in Performance’ process to achieve this partnership way of working with his/her employees.

It includes surveys, explanatory notes and problem-solving/action planning templates to build a truly profitable partnership relationship between the two of them.

You can easily adapt this product for use in online learning and online education programmes as well as an inclusion in your learning online resources.


This ebook details everything a manager needs to do to build mutually beneficial working relationships with his/her employees.

It includes a process called ‘Partnership in Performance which analyses the current level of both manager and employee satisfaction with the relationship at present and identifies areas to work on for mutual benefit under the 9 headings of: 

  1. Work 
  2. Responsiveness 
  3. Use of resources 
  4. Communication 
  5. Style/fit 
  6. Trust/integrity 
  7. Goal alignment 
  8. Culture enhancement 
  9. Purpose and plans 

It also provides a template for tackling issues to deliver improvements and action plans which can be used to monitor continuous ongoing improvements in the performance of both manager and employee as they work together to fully realise the potential of the relationship between the two of them.

Use this product as a powerful professional development, staff development and self development tool.

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