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Managing Upwards

Managing Upwards (Questionnaire and Interpretive Notes)

Managing Upwards has to be one of the biggest challenges for employees. Yet it is a vitally important area of skill if the employee’s motivation is to be maintained and problems between them and their manager are sorted out before they escalate. Healthy two way communications between managers and their direct reports play an enormous part in the managers, the employee’s and the organisation’s success. It is vital therefore that as part of employee empowerment there is recognition that upward feedback is an essential element. Whether this is the case or not employees need to know how to manage upwards in a constructive way and this document will help them. It provides the insights, processes and skills necessary to communicate upwards and solve problems with confidence.


This twenty seven page document is designed to equip employees at all levels to communicate, influence and manage upwards. It includes the following: -A questionnaire for use by the employee -A questionnaire for use by their manager -Interpretive notes -A personal development plan -Suggestions for using personal development activities It looks at eight key contributors to managing upwards. -Understanding your manager’s objectives -Influencing your manager the way s/he likes to be influenced -Understanding your manager’s values -Establishing your personal credibility with your manager -Improving your persuasion skills -Providing added value to your manager -Timing interactions with your manager correctly -Assisting your manager to meet his/her needs and challenges

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