Managing Underperforming Sales People

Managing Underperforming Sales People (Models, Guidelines, Checklists and Processes)


After reviewing the performance management process for use with sales people, this resource covers: - Ways to Monitor Performance - Providing Regular, Specific Feedback - Describing The Performance Problem - Identifying Problem Areas and Causes - Addressing Performance Gaps - Counselling for Performance Improvement A detailed section on The Counselling Process is also included to help address the outcomes of the performance review.


Under performing sales people need to be tackled in a constructive way. This involves the sales manager identifying the cause of the underperformance, examining it with the sales person, identifying solutions to the problem and following a counselling process to ensure that these solutions are adopted and have the required effect. This resource is really a tool kit for sales managers that want to achieve all of the above and are looking detailed processes, checklists, guidelines and skills.