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Managing The Basics Of Good Customer Service

Course Overview Looking for a very practical course which aims to get the basics of good customer service right and to give managers/team leaders the confidence and competence to tackle key customer service issues with their teams? This is it. Customer satisfaction is today a key issue for every organisation and achieving excellent levels of customer satisfaction is a key challenge for all organisations, across their different functions and at all levels within them. Whether providing customer service directly or indirectly to an internal or external customer every manager/ team leader needs a grasp of the basics of good customer service to get control of the issues and then manage, measure and improve results. This course aims to equip managers/team leaders at all levels with a grasp of four basic processes involved in delivering excellent levels of customer service. Each process is broken down into tools and techniques which can be immediately put to use to manage staff more effectively in order to deliver the customer service results required. Delegates are given easy to use process guides, checklists and diagnostics to achieve immediate improvements in their staff’s customer service skills and their team’s reputation as a customer service provider. The course contents include a comprehensive trainer’s guide, a full set of delegate handouts, pre-course work and accompanying PowerPoint slides. Optional additional material The course entitled ‘Essential Customer Service Skills’, aimed at those employees responsible for daily interactions with customers, provides employees with the necessary processes, tools and techniques to deliver improved levels of customer service, at their level and within their specific job role. Find this in our list of training courses in this section of Course length: Minimum of 290 minutes excluding lunch and coffee/tea breaks.


Trainer’s Guide - A comprehensive guide on how to run the session Session content, including: - Accompanying PowerPoint Slides - Comprehensive Delegate Workbook covering: Introduction and objectives Delegates’ objectives Customer service and organisation excellence The four key ingredients to excellent customer service 1. Understanding customer needs 2. Creating your customer service offer 3. Delivering your customer service offer 4. Evaluating and improving results Pre-Course Work Workbook The Pre-course workbook provides delegates with the course outline and objectives to help them prepare. It also includes the Customer Management Questionnaire, to be completed before the course.