Managing Peers

Managing Peers (Questionnaire and Interpretive Notes)

As organisations increasingly use flatter and matrix structures, in which individual responsibilities and accountabilities are devolved to the lowest levels, peer group working has become ever more important. Managing and influencing peers is not easy given that one peer has no direct authority or control over the other. Yet it is vitally important that each get what they want from each other for mutual benefit. Peers need to understand the concept of interdependency i.e. “We need each other to succeed. We need to work in a collaborative way and benefit each other in the process”. This isn’t always apparent to peers; they often struggle to work together in this way. This is where this document can help them to change their mindset, and adopt processes and skills to build really strong ‘partnership’ relations for truly win/win outcomes.


This document is aimed at all those who need to effectively manage their peers (equals) to get a result for the benefit of them both. It consists of the following: -Managing Peers Questionnaires for completion by one peer on another and vice versa -Interpretive Notes -A Personal Development Plan -Ideas on Personal Development Activities It covers eight contributors to effective peer working: -Being Proactive -Adding Value -Being Responsive -Building Trust -Engaging with Needs -Relationship Building -Collaborating -Confronting

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