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Managing Difficult Employees

Managing Difficult Employees (Guidelines, Questionnaire and Interpretive Notes)

Difficult employee behaviours can severely test the capabilities and confidence of a manager. Not only is it important to recognise the type of difficult behaviour being evidenced but the manager needs to understand what lies behind the behaviour, what not to do and what to do to manage the behaviour to a sought-after conclusion. Difficult employees can not only be time-wasters they can also have an extremely demotivating effect on other employees as they perceive their manager is struggling to control them and seemingly losing the battle. It is imperative that managers are able, with confidence, to respond to difficult employee behaviours and to influence the employee to change these behaviours for their own and others’ good. This document provides a highly detailed checklist for managing eight types of difficult employee behaviour and provides a questionnaire to more accurately pinpoint these types of behaviours by employee. It provides an invaluable personal development tool in this vitally important area of people management expertise.


This twenty nine page document provides valuable insights, guidelines and skills for managing eight types of difficult employee: -The Aggressive -The Apparently Concerned -The Appeaser -The Aggravator -The Agenda Owner -The Aggrieved -The Arrogant -The Attention Seeker It looks at: -Their basic stance -Behaviours each type exhibits -What you need to avoid when dealing with each type -Your required stance with each type -Behaviours when dealing with each type The document also includes a questionnaire to identify each type and a personal development plan to improve and develop skills in this key area of people management expertise.

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