Listening effectively


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How can I improve my Listening Skills? What are good listening skills? How should I listen more effectively? Many people do not give much thought to how well they listen. Perhaps they think of listening as something to do when they are not talking in a conversation. Perhaps they do not give much thought to the above questions. However if they are to succeed as managers they must be good listeners. If they are not they will fail to gather important information, they will fail to learn from others and they will fail to build strong, open relationships key to their future success.

Effective Listening involves a number of skills . We can choose whether to use them or not but firstly you need to understand them. This resource is designed to cover the fundamental skills of good listening. You will be able to identify how good you currently are at listening. Then you will be able to understand and use six key listening skills: Having the right Mind Set, Building Rapport, Using Questions effectively, Using Silence, Summarising and Paraphrasing, and importantly using Body Language effectively.

You will be able to use full explanatory notes and tips to improve your listening skills immediately. You will also be able to plan your future development in this key area using a wide variety of activities.


  • Increasing your learning from others.
  • Building open, trusted relationships with others.
  • Showing you can listen with an open mind.
  • Being able to coach others more effectively.
  • Facilitating conversations and meetings better in order to build collaborative working.