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Leading With Influence

Leading With Influence (Questionnaire and Explanatory Notes)

In today’s fast changing world traditional organisation structures are giving way to matrix and more complex structures in which there is a need to move away from vertical ‘silo’ ways of operating to a more inclusive, collaborative, lateral way of working. These new structures often include external communities and constituencies to influence as well as a wide range of both internal and external stakeholders. The leader in this context cannot simply lead in an independent way s/he needs to lead in an interdependent way recognising that s/he can only lead through personal influence. This requires a different set of skills and it is these new skills that are covered in this document. In it we look at the necessity to: - Connect with people in complex structures and the wider environment - Use personal credibility to influence others - Build positive long term relationships with key stakeholders - Act with honesty and integrity to grow long term positive relationships - Communicate the value of one’s own contribution to the success of followers The document includes a questionnaire, explanatory notes and action plans to develop abilities in these five key areas.


Learn how to lead peers and key stakeholders across complex and multi-dimensional structures. Discover your leadership ‘space’ and step into it. Influence others to willingly follow you. All these key issues and many more are covered in this questionnaire and explanatory notes. As a result you will be able to truly lead without authority.

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