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Leading and Managing Change

Leading and Managing Change Change is a constant and can be on a minor or major scale. Today’s manager needs to be able to both create change and implement changes initiated by others. However change is all too rarely led and managed well. The successful management of change requires insights, knowledge, skills and processes which managers do not always possess. This course provides managers with tangible and concrete processes to adopt when leading and managing change of all types and sizes. It very importantly covers the soft skills including effective leadership, stakeholder management and communication and handling different human emotions and reactions surrounding change. This highly practical and participative two day course covers all the essentials of effective change management.The session contents include a comprehensive trainer’s guide, a full set of delegate handouts and accompanying powerpoint slides, together with an exercise on Change Management, and Change Management Documentation. Optional, additional material The exercise entitled Step Up To Change is included in the material but why not also use our Influencing Styles Questionnaire? Session length: 780 minutes without the use of Optional Material


Trainers Guide - A comprehensive guide on how to run the session Session Content, including: - Detailed delegate notes - Pre-course work - Powerpoint presentation - Model Vision Statement - Step up to Change Exercise