Effective Leadership Competencies

Leadership Competencies (Questionnaire, Explanatory Notes and Development Plan)


What are Leadership Competencies?

Today’s leaders often lead in complex, fast-moving and demanding environments. No longer is it good enough to rely on ‘gut feel’ instincts to lead others successfully it requires conscious effort and perseverance to focus on key Leadership Competencies which will deliver success. This document focuses on three categories of competency: - Achievement - Leadership - Business Intelligence Within each category there are four competencies which deliver success in that category area. You can use the questionnaire as a self-awareness tool, for 180°, or even 360° feedback.


The Leadership Competencies Questionnaire is designed for the individual Leader to measure his/her level of performance against twelve competencies of leadership within the three key areas of Achievement, Leadership and Business Intelligence: Achievement - Personal Drive - Results Focus - Innovation Management - Impact and Influence Leadership - Team Leadership - Teamwork and Collaboration - People Development - Change Leadership Business Intelligence - Customer Focus - Analytical Thinking - Business Awareness - Thirst For Information The feedback can be provided by: - The individual - The individual’s manager - The individual’s peers - The individual’s direct reports

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