Key Account Management

Key Account Management (Process for Managing Significant Accounts)

In this detailed resource, the four main elements of the key account management process are outlined, and detailed flow diagrams and templates are provided for each: 1. PLANNING The gathering and use of essential information on the customer’s business, your products and the people involved within the account. This section includes guides and templates for planning and then for preparing sales calls, including hints and help on formulating proposals, handling objections and using sales aids. 2. BUSINESS FLOWS Following a flow diagram outlining the business flow process, a detailed check list is provided managing the day to day flows. 3. DECISION-MAKERS Knowing them, influencing and managing them. This section includes matrices for: - Plotting the concerns, role, success criteria, focus and questions of key decsion makers and what they look for, with worked examples for 4 model influencers included - Plotting Stakeholder map - Stakeholder Strategy Chart 4. THE INTERNAL TEAM Influencing and managing the internal team to implement your plans. This section covers: - Managing the creative tension between sales and the rest of the business - Building and leading your internal team - Motivation techniques to stimulate high morale and performance


This resource is in fact an operating manual for key account managers who need to create key account plans and deliver these effectively with the involvement of internal team members and key people within the customer who very often are located at different sites. The key account manager’s role is a leadership role requiring sophisticated skills in the areas of day to day business management, strategic thinking, planning, controlling, influencing and selling. This package covers all of these issues in great detail.

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