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Introduction to Team Leadership Skills

Course Overview For those delegates making the transition from team member to team leader this is just the course for them. A simple team leadership process, combined with powerful insights into leadership styles, make this a great, half-day introduction to team leadership. Newly appointed team leaders often struggle with the difference between management and leadership, how they should position themselves as a leader of their team and how to achieve a balance between a concern for getting the job done, for meeting individual team member needs, and for building the team into a cohesive, productive group. This practical but powerful short course gives team leaders the key insights and processes to get off to a confident start in their team leadership role. Optional additional material Other complementary courses you might like to consider are: - Stages of Team Development - Team Leadership Skills Also have a look at the following supplementary materials: - Leading cross functional teams - How to build effective relationships between team members - Identifying the best roles for people in teams - A process for building and managing teams Course length: 200 minutes excluding 15 minute break.


Trainer’s Guide - A comprehensive guide on how to run the course Session content, including: - Accompanying PowerPoint Slides - Delegate workbook, including: Recognise the difference between leadership and management Identify alternative leadership styles and qualities Know when and how to apply a particular leadership style in the workplace Assess the effects of differing leadership styles on group activities Review of delegates’ objectives Action planning Summary and Close