Influencing and managing key stakeholders

Influencing and Managing Key Stakeholders

A key contributor to your success when leading and managing change is your ability to influence key stakeholders whose support you need to implement the change. This material explains the process of - Identifying key stakeholders - Analysing their likely reaction to the proposed change - Creating a stakeholder management strategy - Constructing a communication plan to influence key stakeholders - Implementing a communication plan Key areas to be aware of are outlined, and tables and charts provided to enable you to structure capture your analyses and plans. These include a matrix to plot levels of impact of change against likely levels of change initiative support for different categories of stakeholders, such as the - Resistors - Followers - Supporters - Apathetic Tips in magaging each category is then given. The stakeholder communication plan template will help you organise and plan how you will communicate the change events to your staff.


This resource includes: - Diagram showing the process for influencing and managing key stakeholders - Identifying key stakeholders (chart) - Analysing key stakeholders (chart) - Analysing key stakeholders in a change initiative (chart) - Managing the different stakeholder categories - Stakeholder strategy chart (template) - Stakeholder Communication Plan (template)

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