Influencing and Leading Without Authority

Influencing and Leading Without Authority


About the book

Have you ever wondered why some people are such successful influencers and some simply fail to exercise a positive influence over others? Why it is that some people build effective long term relationships with others and others fail to? Why are some people so natural in their interactions and others struggle? Then this book is for you.

To unlock the keys to successful influencing there are six steps, known as the DNA of influencing. Learn to use these six steps and you will, as a result, be a more effective influencer.

Use the simple but effective ideas in this book to advance your career, build successful relationships in your private life and influence in the wider community. And enjoy a new found confidence in all three areas.


We live in an increasingly interdependent world.  The knowledge, insights, and skills we learnt when growing up and becoming independent are not sufficient to be successful in an interdependent environment.

In this environment the keys to success are collaborative working, partnership building, and creating change using guiding coalitions.  From a background of learning to be independent none of these skills come easily to most people. 

Influencing and leading without authority to create willing followers become the keys to success.  But what does this entail? 

It requires a mindset change.  It requires the acquisition of interdependent skills and behaviours.  It requires heightened emotional intelligence.  It also requires fresh insights into relationship building.

This book covers in detail all these areas critical to being a successful influencer in todays complex and challenging times.

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