Increasing Performance and Job Satisfaction


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How can I get higher performances from those I manage? How can I increase their level of job satisfaction at the same time? How can I boost my people's self-motivation to achieve more. These are questions many managers ask as they seek to build a highly motivated and high performing team. They may well be questions you also have right now. The content of this resource will provide you with powerful answers to these questions.

You will start by completing a questionnaire that will enable you fit each person you manage into four categories:

  1. Those who are achieving High Performance and High Job Satisfaction at the same time.
  2. Those who are achieving High Performance but are experiencing Low Job Satisfaction.
  3. Those delivering Low Performance but experiencing High Job Satisfaction.
  4. Those achieving Low Performance and experiencing Low Job Satisfaction.

For each category of employee you will be able to identify the key issues of performance and satisfaction you need to address, how to address them and how to build a highly motivated, high performing team. You will be able to use comprehensive, detailed guidelines to grow and develop your skills in this vitally important area of people management. You will be able to develop yourself into a highly effective team leader.


  • Creating a highly self-motivated, high performing team.
  • Meeting the job satisfaction needs of each team member.
  • Increasing the performance level of each individual team member.
  • Delivering improved results for your business more quickly and easily.
  • Growing yourself into a more powerful and effective team leader.