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How To Grow A Self-Managing Team

How To Grow A Self-Managing Team

If you need to get people started on the journey towards growing into leaders of self-managing teams then this resource is for you. It provides all the knowledge and insights required to move from a conventional way of managing people to the challenging but highly rewarding creation of self-managing teams. It is designed to survey the attitudes and understanding of existing managers/team leaders to this new way, and some would say only way, of delivering corporate results in a cleverer way. It surveys six key areas of knowledge/skill requirements and enables users of the resource to plan their own pathway towards being a leader of self-managing teams. .


As organisations seek to continuously improve their processes, reduce costs and improve their customer responsiveness many are wanting their managers to grow self-managing teams. In order to do this managers will require a different and more sophisticated set of skills which include: - Beliefs and Commitment to Self-Managing Teams - Knowledge of Continuous Improvement Processes, Tools and Techniques - Team Empowerment Skills - Commercial Awareness - Team Motivation - Growth and Development of Self and Team Members This document includes a Questionnaire together with Interpretive Notes to assess the level of skills and personal development needs of “would be” Self-Managing Team Leaders.

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