How To Create And Communicate A Vision

How to create and communicate a vision (Questionnaire and Explanatory Notes)

Creating and communicating a vision is a vitally important skill for any leader or manager. To be successful the vision needs to describe a picture of a preferred future in a concrete and tangible way and the creator of the vision has to ensure the following: -The timing is correct -S/he has the backing of key people -S/he engages people with the content -S/he motivates people to want to buy into the vision -The vision is challenging and stretching This document enables the leader/manager to identify their own skills in these above five areas and provides detailed guidelines on how to create and communicate an effective vision.


This resource includes: - Skills Questionnaire - Definition of a vision - Characteristics of an effective vision - 5 step process for creating a vision - Worked example - The process for crafting a vision - Key elements in the effective communication of a vision - Checklist for creating an effective vision

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