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How to be assertive (model, diagnostic and explanatory notes)

How to be assertive (model, diagnostic and explanatory notes)

In a time of increasing complexity and challenge in business and social relationships, an understanding and awareness of our own behaviours, motivation, beliefs and values as well as other those of other people is critically important to both personal and organisational success. This detailed resource provides paired questions to provide an "Assertive/Resposive" profile for an individual. With the results collated, a model is provided to explain how personal resources can be effectivley utilised to be - assertive, rather than aggressive - repsonsive, rather than non-assertive Tips on techniques on being assertive are provided, enabling you to manage your time and energy in an ASSERTIVE-RESPONSIVE way and so maximise your personal effectiveness.


This resource is a must for those who struggle to be assertive in their dealings with others including their colleagues, manager, peers, customers, friends and relatives. It provides invaluable insights into the use of assertive behaviours and how to be appropriately assertive to achieve personal goals without offending the other party. For those who are aggressive or overly non- assertive it shows what corrective actions they need to take to function in a balanced assertive/responsive way.

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