EI Questionnaire

Emotional Intelligence (EI) Questionnaire

Today it is a given that Emotional Intelligence is a key contributor to people’s success in interpreting and managing their own emotions generally, understanding their impact on others, and the resultant emotions of others, and understanding the impact of others on themselves, and their resultant emotions. The more rounded and grounded people are in their EI the more likely they are to be able to build successful relationships and achieve their life goals. This resource provides a comprehensive survey of the person’s EI, explains how to interpret the survey results, and challenges the user on how they might use their EI to best effect in the areas of: - Coaching - Leading - Managing - Team Working - Team Building For those wanting to look into this increasingly valuable contributor to their success this is a vitally important resource for increasing their self-awareness.


This resource takes a radically new look at what is required to be proficient in the area of Emotional Intelligence (EI). It looks at EI from three angles: - Awareness of Impact of Self on Self - Awareness of Impact of Self on Others - Awareness of Impact of Others on Self Using an EI Survey instrument it considers each of the above under five headings: - Understanding - Interpreting - Controlling - Responding - Adapting The result of the survey is that users will be able to identify how they rate themselves in five main categories of EI: - Resistant - Open - Rational - Intuitive - Struggling Comprehensive interpretive notes will enable them to plug knowledge gaps, work on weaknesses and grow their strengths. A very powerful tool indeed!

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