Improving Your Delegation Skills


Improving Your Delegation Skills

What is effective delegation? What skills are required in delegation? How can I improve my delegation skills? Delegation is something that every manager needs to do but does not necessarily do well. So the above questions are often on the minds of many managers. Perhaps on your mind too!

To delegate well you need to understand why you should delegate, what to delegate, how to delegate and understand the principles of effective delegation. You will get answers to all these key issues in this resource. You will also be able to discover what type of delegator you are when it comes to planning and organising delegation, using training and tutoring in the process, communicating performance standards, testing the knowledge of the delegatee and praising them in the delegation process. You will be able to identify those areas you need to work on to improve and use a personal development plan to make those improvements. You will also be able to use a comprehensive delegation checklist before, during and after a piece of delegation.

This resource gives you all the insights, knowledge and skills to be a very effective delegator.


  • Using delegation to grow others to grow yourself.åÊ
  • Making sure that delegation is risk free for you and the delegatee.
  • Being able to coach staff to be effective delegators.
  • Ensuring that you do not become a micro-manager who demotivates staff.
  • Using delegation as part of the employee empowerment process critical to your success as a manager.