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Choosing The Best Strategy

Choosing the Best Strategy (model and explanatory notes)

Strategy is about the choices we make to achieve our objectives to deliver our vision. This detailed resource provides models, tools, techniques and templates to help you in your strategic thinking/planning. These include: - The Place of Strategy (overview of the place of strategy) - A PESTCL analysis covering the following key trends: Political trends Economic trends Social trends Technological trends Cultural/geographic trends - A commercial analysis - The Five Major Elements of Strategy (overview) - How to make strategic choices (template)


This document provides a comprehensive look at the key elements of strategic thinking and planning in order to choose the most effective strategic option and plan to deliver it. It includes processes for analysing the market place and the internal organisation as well as a process for mapping strategic options and choosing the best one. For those wishing to getting started in the area of strategic thinking and planning the contents cover all the essentials.

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