Effective communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills Questionnaire

A key contributor to your personal effectiveness is your ability to be an effective face to face communicator. When assessing your ability in this area there are eight factors to consider: - Content of what you are saying - Use of your Voice - Your Body Language - Your Questioning Skills - Your Listening Skills - Your Consulting Skills - Your Influencing Skills - Your Cultural Awareness This document contains a questionnaire which identifies your level of skills in these eight factors. It also contains extensive Interpretive Notes to enable you to identify your development needs and plan to meet them.


This document consists of a questionnaire and interpretive notes to enable you to assess your level of skills in eight areas of face to face communication: - Content - Voice - Body language - Questioning - Listening - Consulting - Influencing - Cultural Awareness Suggestions for improving on any areas of weakness are also provided. The contents will provide substantial help to anyone struggling to improve their face to face communication skills.

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