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Creating A Vision

Create a vision which inspires...

Use the following five step process.  Think about a 3 year time frame.

 1. Describe the ‘preferred future’ you are working to create in your part of the business: size, customer types/numbers, product/service offerings, financials, reputation, working environment/location, and unique selling points (USPs).

2. List your 3 major objectives (to create the preferred future). What will be the focus?

3. Describe the main elements of your strategy (to deliver your objectives). How will you deliver success?

4. Describe your part of the business 3 years from now.  Think about:

- Resources

- Structures/systems

- Skills of the team

- Your leadership and management of the team

- Culture and values

5. List the benefits for the organisation and your team.

For more insights check out our resource How to create and communicate a vision

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