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Creating A Vision

Create a vision which inspires... Use the following five step process.  Think about a 3 year time frame.  1. Describe the ‘preferred future’ you are working to create in your part of the business: size, customer types/numbers, product/service offerings, financials, reputation, working environment/location, and unique selling points (USPs). 2. List your 3 major objectives (to create the preferred future). What will be the focus? 3. Describe the main elements of your strategy (to deliver your objectives). How will you deliver success? 4. Describe your part of the business 3 years from now.  Think about: - Resources - Structures/systems - Skills...

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Personal Efficiency

Here are five tips to increase your personal efficiency using ‘To Do’ lists.  Use the ‘To Do’ list system daily Review the daily list each day (first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening) and plan your priorities for the day ahead Don’t include too many items, about 12 to 15 is fine – allow space for the jobs which always crop up unexpectedly; don’t ‘log jam’ your day Maintain a second ‘To Do’ list for longer term tasks or those to which a finite date cannot yet be given for completion Transfer items from the second...

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