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Welcome to Constantior Online

Welcome to the Constantior shop, where you can find ready-made personal training and development resources. We have a vast range of resources specialising in the areas of:

  • Leadership and management skills
  • Change management skills
  • Performance management
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Sales and account management skills
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Communication skills

You can also access ebooks covering all these topics.

Digital Download

All our products are digital downloads.  Simply choose what you need, make the necessary payment, and download the resource.  You will also be sent an email with a link to download the resource.


Whilst your purchases will be in GBP, you can view the equivalent price in USD or EUR throughout the site.

Proven Products

All our products have been proven through extensive usage by organisations in all market sectors, and in different geographies, who have used these resources for a variety of purposes.  

The resources include:

  • Diagnostic tools (questionnaires,surveys and feedback instruments) to supplement online learning and online education as well as training course and personal development material.
  • Models and interpretive notes for use in company training and training and development generally.
  • Guidelines, process guides and checklists for staff development,self development and professional development
  • Articles and papers on online learning,online education,learning and development best practices and powerful training skills
  • E-books to support people's personal growth and development and include in their personal development plan.

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Simply choose the resource you want, pay for it and download it immediately. 

The materials you want are just a click away.

Jeremy Francis,
CEO Constantior